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Mission Statement

SABA-SD is dedicated to promoting the interests of the South Asian community within the legal fabric of the community at large. The Endorsement Committee of SABA-SD (“the Committee”) furthers this goal by providing public support to selected candidates for judicial, prosecutorial, or public defender offices in San Diego or elsewhere in California who are likely to impact legal issues affecting the South Asian community. The Committee will also consider endorsement for candidates seeking a director position with the San Diego County Bar Association and other local and regional bar organizations.

The Committee weighs the following factors in evaluating any candidate for endorsement:

  • Qualifications for the office or position sought
  • Demonstrated fairness and commitment to equality of opportunity
  • Positive impact on the South Asian community of San Diego and/or Southern California.

Endorsements Process

While maintaining the highest levels of fairness and integrity in our endorsements process, the Committee aspires to make endorsement decisions after a thorough consideration on the merits of the candidate.

Initiation of Process

A candidate may initiate our endorsements process by sending an email request to saba-info@sabasandiego.org. All such requests will be referred to the Committee. The Committee may also decide on its own initiative to proactively target a campaign of particular relevance to the South Asian community of San Diego by inviting candidates to apply for SABA-SD’s endorsement.


Prior to initiating its evaluation process, the Committee will assess SABA-SD’s jurisdiction to endorse in a particular race according to the parameters specified in the above Mission Statement.

Open Process

The Committee’s process is an open one, with the aim of providing every credible candidate in a given race the opportunity for consideration by the Committee within the specified timeframes. All materials in support of an endorsement request should be provided to the Committee as early as possible to ensure a reasonable period of time for evaluation.


The names and application materials of all candidates seeking judicial and public appointments shall be kept confidential by the Committee and the SABA-SD Board of Directors. Members of the Committee may contact any person named in the candidate’s application materials as part of the endorsement consideration process. If the candidate does not want a particular person contacted by the Committee, please indicate this in the letter requesting endorsement.

Information Required

Candidates may be interviewed by the Committee. Candidates seeking judicial or other public official appointments should provide the following to the SABA-SD Endorsement Committee:

  • A copy of the application they have submitted or plan to submit for the appointment they are seeking;
  • A letter detailing why the candidate is seeking SABA-SD’s endorsement;
  • A CV, resume, or biography detailing their experiences. Candidates are invited to submit any and all other information that they believe will help the Committee with the evaluation of the candidate; and
  • Three References (including at least one reference from an attorney who was opposing counsel.)


The Committee may elect to interview candidates. Interviews with one or more Committee members typically will last about 45 minutes and will address the candidates’ qualifications, commitment to diversity, what has driven them to pursue a position on the judicial bench, and commitment to the goals of SABA-SD and other minority bar associations in San Diego, California, and United States. Interviews may be in person, by phone, or by video conference.

Evaluation Criteria

The Committee’s evaluation criteria are those specified in the Mission Statement. Once the Committee conducts the evaluation and interview process, the Committee Chair returns to the Board of Directors for a final vote on the candidate.

Decision Making

The Committee shall make a decision to recommend one or more candidates, or no candidate, for endorsement in any race. A simple majority of the Committee (meeting in person, by phone, or by email) is required to make a recommendation. The Committee’s recommendation is subject to the approval and final decision of the SABA-SD Board of Directors.